Chief Learning Officers: What's to love about the EQ Leader Program?

EQ Training is one of the best investments you can make in your senior leaders. The future of your company is in their hands, and you need them to be the best that they can be. If they are already senior leaders, they are probably technically competent, but that doesn't mean they're giving all they can to the company. In fact, smart as they are, they may be having a negative effect on the culture, morale, and the bottom line.

Research shows that leaders with high EQ contribute 125% more to the bottom line than leaders with average EQ, yet effective EQ training has historically been absent from training initiatives. Part of the reason for this is that first efforts are often patterned after programs designed to pass on information. These programs can't teach behavior change, which is what has to happen for the development of EQ skills. Any "changes" brought about in senior leaders' EQ skills developed under these programs typically last no longer than 3-6 weeks at most, so they are seen as a waste of time and resources. And they are. Leaders may understand EQ better after one of these initiatives, but that doesn't mean they can put it into practice. So nothing really changes, except that now people think EQ doesn't really work. And if you're the one who brought in the initiative, it doesn't reflect well on you either.

If you want to develop EQ skills in senior leaders (and you can probably sit down right now and list the names of some of your leaders, and exactly what you'd like them to get good at!) you need a program designed specifically for lasting behavior change, using industry current best practice guidelines. The EQ Leader Program IS that program, and that's why it works so well. Not only that, but it has already been designed, so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

If you've been tasked with bringing EQ to your organization, or if you yourself are convinced that EQ would make a huge difference, you may want to look into the EQ Leader Program and see what it could do for you. It's fully customizable to suit your company's needs. Not only will it make your company shine, it will make you look good too!

How to go about putting the EQ Leader Program into action

If you want to "do it yourself," you can purchase the EQ Leader Program Manual from MHS. The 336 page manual contains a complete turn-key program for introducing EQ to an organization and developing its leaders, from start to finish. Each section is described in detail, providing the rationale and principles behind doing everything that is suggested. There are two complete workshops, a keynote workshop and a developmental planning workshop, and the speaker's notes, handouts, exercises, and PowerPoints are included for both. There are exercises for developing each of the fifteen skills. Everything that you need to reproduce or use, including the PowerPoint presentations, is provided for you on a CD which accompanies the manual, and it can all be branded with your own logo. Any changes you need to make to suit your style or special circumstances can be made easily.

You can go a step further and order the Training DVD from EQ Leader. Why might you want to do this? The Manual and CD provide everything you need, but some people like to learn about a new program by having someone explain it to them and show them examples. It's quicker that way. You can get moving and up to speed right away instead of looking at the Manual on the shelf and meaning to get time to read it. Also, if you have a large organization and will be using a number of people to help you get the initiative off the ground, the Training DVD can serve as an excellent Train-the-Trainer resource. If you decide you want to order the DVD, you may want to order both the Manual and the DVD from EQ Leader, as there is a discount for ordering the two together.

Finally, if after reading about the EQ Leader Program you're excited but not sure just how you want to implement it, you can contact Dr. Ackley. He can help you plan a successful EQ intervention that will speak directly to your company's needs, in ways that you may not even have thought of. He can get people excited, deliver the keynote, conduct the developmental planning meetings, and even coach your senior leaders. Or he can do as much of this as you want him to do, while helping you learn how to do the part you want to do yourself. Choose whatever suits your timeline, needs, and budget best. It's worth a call to explore your options.

EQ Leader Program Manual: Table of Contents

Seven Secrets of an Emotional Intelligence Coach, by Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D. (November 2010 issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine).


The comprehensive science based EQ Leader Program builds lasting change in EQ skills that make a dramatic difference in performance.

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