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What is the EQ Leader Program?

Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D.

. . . . . and what can it do for me?

Emotional intelligence is a group of skills that complement the cognitive abilities that are taken for granted in top level executives. You have to be smart just to get in the door. So what makes the difference between successful executives and those who struggle? The answer is emotional intelligence, or EQ. 
Have you sometimes wondered why the smartest kid in the class isnít necessarily the most successful later on? Itís because ďsmartsĒ as they have been defined traditionally donít tell the whole story. If all top executives have high IQs, then it takes other skills to separate winners from also-rans, such as the ability to read others and understand how to get them to follow you. People who can do that have emotional intelligence, and those people go far.
Emotional intelligence consists of sixteen distinct skills that can be tested for. Itís entirely possible for an executive who is angling for a promotion to get a profile done to find out which skills are on the low side. Until now, however, thatís where it ended. With the introduction of the EQ Leader Program, companies  have a comprehensive approach to building EQ skills, from the keynote seminar which launches the program, winning the hearts and minds of executives, to the EQ assessment and feedback process, to setting up individualized plans which link EQ skills to company and individual development goals. The program provides a full set of exercises to choose from for coaching each EQ skill set.
Leadership teams, internal HR consultants, external consultants, and individual executives can all benefit from the EQ Leader Program. Training in the program is available from EQ Leader, Inc., which was founded by Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D., in order to promote the development of EQ skills.
The complete program manual, The EQ Leader Program, is now available for internal and external coaches, and can be purchased from MHS, world leader in standardized EQ assessments.  (Click here to purchase online). The manual is provided complete with a CD-ROM which contains all the forms needed to carry out the program, as well as permission to change the materials to make them your own by adding your company logo, etc.
Executives, companies, or coaches who are interested in the EQ Leader program are invited to contact us.


The comprehensive science based EQ Leader Program builds lasting change in EQ skills that make a dramatic difference in performance.

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